Cyber Security

AED 1,840.00

Strategic partner of Ultimate Access from Australia will be collaborating with Ultimate Access to deliver this course.

USD 1 = 3.68 AED

USD 500 = 1,840 AED

This is a tutor lead online live class.

Duration – 4 weeks (weekends)

60 minute live sessions

Certification – AICPA/CIMA

Course overview

Who should attend

Accountants and finance professionals who want to expand their practical business knowledge in the cybersecurity risk mitigation ecosystem 

How can the program benefit me?

This program aims to remove the barriers to understanding the key aspects of cybersecurity risk and accompanying risk mitigations in your day-to-day business operations.

In your current (or future) role you may be involved in your businesses cyber risk and governance programs. This course will allow you to understand the cybersecurity ecosystem and help lead the identification and mitigation program discussion. Broadening your business skillset and work towards proactively hardening your businesses cybersecurity governance and mitigation programs – join us and gain additional complementary skills, to set yourself apart from the crowd.




The course will be delivered by Ultimate Access in conjunction with BCyber.

BCyber specialises in cyber risk management and is an Australian based strategic partner of Ultimate Access.

This is a tutor lead online live class.

Duration – 4 weeks (weekends)

Start date – 1st quarter 2022

The Program

Our mission is to develop Cybersecurity savvy accountants and financial professionals. Immersing students in an interactive environment where you will acquire a fundamental understanding of cyber risk mitigation. Providing you with the right information and capabilities to take your businesses cybersecurity risk mitigation journey to the next level.

Introduction to cyber

  • Key cybersecurity trends
  • Cyber hygiene activities the business can do today
  • How to have a cyber discussion with internal (or external) technology Subject Matter Experts – what you need to know,  the questions you should be asking and the answers you should be expecting
Demystifying cyber speak

  • Bringing cyber from tech into the business realm – focusing on turning technical into business terminology
  • Highlighting your cyber insurance terms and conditions – understanding key components and important conditions to watch out for
  • Integrating your cyber insurance with your business operations – Questions that Boards should be asking to ensure that the business is meeting cyber insurance conditions
A cyber reset

  • Cyber awareness as a business foundation and growth opportunity
  • Cyber education trends
  • How to review your current cyber awareness education program and/or establish one
The practical side of cyber risk mitigation

  • The anatomy of a breach from the business perspective – a real life  case study 
  • Breach management – what needs to be done in the first 60 minutes of an attack
  • Identifying “your five key” actions, owners and communications (in concert with  any cyber insurance conditions)
  • Your triage team – who are they? reviewing and updating