About Us

Making a difference in global education

Ultimate Access provides an enriched supportive learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead.

Founded in 2008 Sydney, Australia, the institute is now based in Dubai and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area.

The institute has approximately 150 rotating students, eager to learn and create together in a predominantly online environment with a blended method of delivery (classroom & online) also available to students.

Ultimate Access is an accredited delivery partner of  CIMA (UK) and CPA Australia. These are two of the world’s most respected professional education awarding bodies.

With our teaching method we aim to demystify the many aspects of financial & management principles via CIMA and CPA Australia.

We also specialise in a range of short certified courses tailored to current trends including Fin-tech RPA Power BI – all delivered to a range of clients including, multinational corporates, universities and schools.

These courses are all conducted by our expert panel of industry experienced lecturers located in various parts of the globe. 

We have found that our ‘can do’ attitude and our agility to ‘make it happen now’ has won us a lot of respect with our clients proving again that great service leads to more business and happy customers. 


We believe in connecting with students to simplify learning through global online access and the ultimate delivery of our select, inspired, dedicated teachers.