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CPA Australia

As one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a global membership of over 160,000 finance, accounting and business professionals, CPA Australia’s core services include education, continuing professional development, technical support and advocacy for the profession. The CPA designation is recognised globally, with members in 125 countries and regions.

Becoming a CPA

Candidates who have completed a CPA Australia accredited degree can
apply to become an associate Member and may commence the CPA Program. With CPA Australia’s flexible study options, candidates can choose to complete the CPA Program to their own timeline and with the level of support required to succeed.

The CPA Program comprises four compulsory subjects, two elective subjects
and 36 months of practical experience. Upon completion of the CPA Program, members have the practical and applicable knowledge to join the next generation of accounting, finance and business professionals.

The CPA Program compulsory subjects are:

• Ethics and Governance
• Strategic Management accounting
• Financial Reporting
• Global Strategy and Leadership – the capstone of the CPA Program,

to be undertaken after successful completion of all other compulsory subjects.

By completing all compulsory subjects and two elective subjects offered by CPA Australia, the education component of the CPA Program will be achieved. The elective subjects selected will depend on previous studies and the career path chosen by each individual candidate.

By covering domestic and global business issues, the CPA Program provides the expertise today to create the strategic business leaders of tomorrow. The CPA Program is rigorous, integrating education and experience.
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Tuition Services:

Ultimate Access is a Registered Tuition Provider for the CPA Program, offering tuition to CPA Program candidates in January 2020.

The tuition provided to candidates by Ultimate Access complements the CPA Program distance education program, helping to prepare candidates for their CPA Program exams.

If you’ve studied a degree from a different discipline but want to pursue a career as a CPA, our foundation exams provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate the competencies required to start the CPA Australia Program.

Foundation exams offer a flexible, self-paced study program – you can enrol anytime and choose where and when you will sit your exam.

Details related to foundation exam enrollment –

Important Dates –

Exam Fees –

CPA Austrlia subjects we offer Tuition Fee
CPA Austrlia Foundation exams USD 400 per subject
Economica & Markets
Foundation of Accounting
Fundamentals of Business Law
Business Law
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Management Accounting

Our course will include the following:

  1. Live online classes 
  2. Pre-recorded content
  3. CPA support slides
  4. Exam guide & videos
  5. Student counsellor

Order of subjects to take at professional level:

  • Ethics and Governance
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Global Strategy and Leadership

You can complete CPA Program subjects in the order of your choice – with the exception of Global Strategy and Leadership, which can only be undertaken once you’ve completed the other three compulsory subjects.