CPA Australia Professional Course – Digital Finance

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Professional exam elective  subjects – Digital Finance

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The subject will cover the following sections

Part A: Digital Finance Landscape
• Technological evolution 

  • Impact of technology on the digital finance landscape 
  • Impact of technology on banking/financial markets 


Part B: Digital Finance Ecosystem 

  • Digital ecosystem 
  • Digital finance services (DFS) ecosystem 
  • The payments ecosystem 


Part C: FinTech (Innovations) 

  • FinTech in business 
  • Current use of FinTech by accounting and finance professionals 
  • Innovation thinking in FinTech 

Part D: Digital Transformation 

  • Organisational strategy
  • Digital transformation strategies 
  • How digital transformation strategy can help achieve an organisation’s goals

The classes will commence 

First semester – 3rd week of January

Second semester – 1st  week of June

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The course will include the following

  1. Live online classes – 24
  2. Pre-recorded content
  3. Exam questions
  4. Pass cards
  5. CPA support slides
  6. Exam guide & videos
  7. Student counsellor




The Digital Finance exam comprises a combination of multiple choice and extended response questions.


On completion of this subject, you should be able to:

  • examine where we are today and where we are headed soon with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, big data, digital payments and digital currencies
  • apply your knowledge to translate complex digital finance concepts and terminology to aid informed, strategic decision-making around the use of key digital finance technologies in business
  • use your insights into digital finance technologies to navigate the changing technological environment in which accounting and finance professionals work
  • examine the regulatory and organisational implications of digital finance technologies and how they can be applied in a range of settings including compliance in organisational contexts.


The subject is divided into seven modules.

The “weighting” column in the following table provides an indication of the emphasis placed on each module in the exam, while the “proportion of study time” column is a guide for you to allocate your study time for each module and analysis of the pre-seen exam case studies.


Module Recommended proportion of study time % Weighting % 
1. The Digital Finance Ecosystem 20 20
2. Future of Money 15 15
3. Technology and its use in Finance 20 20
4. Data Analytics, Interpretation and Visualisation 25 25
5. Risk Management, Governance and Regulation 20 20
100 100


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