CPA Australia – Ethics and Governance Revision & CPD

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CPA Professional exam compulsory subjects – Ethics & Governance

Ethics and Governance: Core Subject in the CPA Australia Program

Ethics and Governance is a mandatory core subject of the CPA Australia program, designed to ensure that professionals are well-versed in the principles and practices that underpin ethical and effective decision-making in business.

This subject serves as an excellent refresher for qualified members to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Engage with this subject through interesting case studies and interactive quizzes that reinforce learning and application in real-world scenarios.

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The revision course will include the following

  1. Two online live webinars for each semester
  2. Recorded lecture summarizing key concepts.
  3. Quizzes on ethical theories and principles for each module
  4. Pre-recorded content
  5. Exam questions – extended answers
  6. CPA support slides


The Ethics and Governance exam is comprised of a combination of multiple choice and extended response questions.


The subject is divided into five modules.

The ‘weighting’ column in the following table provides an indication of the emphasis placed on each module in the exam, while the ‘proportion of study time’ column is a guide for you to allocate your study time for each module.

Module Recommended proportion of study time (%) Weighting (%)
1. Accounting and society 15 15
2. Ethics 20 20
3. Governance concepts 25 25
4. Governance in practice 25 25
5. Corporate accountability 15 15


The classes available on demand

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