Innovation Summer Camp

AED 1,196.00

USD 1 = 3.68

USD 325 = AED 1,196

Age group – 14 – 16 years

Dates – 13th – 17th July 2020

(3 hours each day) 

Orientation day 11 July



Day 1

Learn the modes of Design Thinking & develop creativity when solving problems.

How do we define a problem & what strategies can we use to become more creative.

Day 2

Discover the importance that Maths has in the finances of business. What are the financial impacts, long term, when taking loans with different conditions.

These new found skills will have to be present in the final presentation to receive accreditation.

Day 3

Learning to code is fun. For this session, you will learn the basics in a given platform to help you develop your design and critical thinking skills. These foundational skills in coding will allow you to create your solutions and progress to the next session.

Day 4

Find out your new groups and learn to work better while collaborating online.

You will be given a problem to overcome and present as a team. Using Design Thinking you will create an innovative product. You will have two days to achieve this

Day 5

The day will begin by reviewing your current successes and failures (risk taking is encouraged) followed by planning the next steps to reach a final design. You will continue to use Design Thinking to help you improve your work.

Collaboration is key to succeed and evidence of this will need to be seen in your presentation. You may choose anyway to present your work, however, it must be uploaded by the end of the day.