Internship Program

AED 736.00

USD 1 = 3.68

USD 200 = 736

Course is ideal for school leavers, potential university students

A four week program.

At the end of the program an official letter will be given to the student that can be added to the university application.




We will cover the following during the 4 week period

1. Online interview

2. Online on-boarding process

3. Pre Assessment centre

4. Business communication

5. Working with Ultimate Access team members

6. Meeting bookings

7. Use of communication platforms such as Zoom, Webex

8. Use of Learning Management System (LMS)

9. Use of Gdrive

10. Stakeholder management

11. Customer engagement online

12. Creating social media content

13. Finance task

14. Case study analysis

15. Use of Microsoft products

16. Performance evaluation